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Pete Whittaker
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One third a professional climber, making a living from climbing related activities and work, and two thirds trying to make up the difference. Having grown up in the Peak District I have been connected to climbing for my whole life. I am primarily a trad climber, and enjoy developing new routes. I'm particularly interested in crack climbing, (which involves techniques to jam between the space in the rocks). Not being physically the strongest, the climbing suits my style as it is a very technical and also inspires me as crack climbs offer some of the most aesthetic lines and access to some of the best rock features in the world.


Since making the first ascent of 'Century Crack' back in 2011, I have moved into speaking and slideshows. Speaking is interesting and challenging as everybody wants something different from it. However, I try and have people motivated for their own projects from listening. I’ve spoken all over the UK from Kendal Mountain Film Festival and The Telegraph London Outdoor Show, to local climbing clubs and climbing walls. Further afield I have spoken in Europe, (Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Italy) and at the Banff Film and Book Festival in Canada. If you are interested in a slideshow, please click on the speaking page.


I have always been interested in fine art. I'm very involved with lots of projects all the time, so its hard to find the hours to draw, which can make completing a piece slow. I get inspiration for my art from climbing, as it is the places I climb which i get inspired by. Like my climbing, a strong focus when I’m drawing is the attention to detail. If you are interested in my work then please click on the art page.

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Pete Whittaker
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